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Cover of 'Imagine Lagos'

Imagine Lagos
Mapping History, Place, and Politics in a Nineteenth-Century African City
By Ademide Adelusi-Adeluyi

Combining archival research with a digital humanities–focused examination of cartography, Ademide Adelusi-Adeluyi reveals the gendered, spatial, and environmental responses to historical, political, and social change in mid-nineteenth-century Lagos, Nigeria.


Cover of 'Photographs from Detroit, 1975–2019'

Photographs from Detroit, 1975–2019
By Bruce Harkness
· Edited by John J. Bukowczyk

With these intimate social documentary photographs and oral histories, Bruce Harkness and John J. Bukowczyk have sensitively collaborated with and amplified the stories of Detroit’s often overlooked people and lost neighborhoods. The result is an unforgettable portrait of Detroit’s hard-won resiliency.

Cover of 'African Underclass'

African Underclass
Urbanisation, Crime, and Colonial Order in Dar es Salaam
By Andrew Burton

This study examines the social, political, and administrative repercussions of rapid urban growth in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.