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Cover of 'Drawing Your Stress Away'

Drawing Your Stress Away
A Draw-It-Yourself Coloring Book
By Lucia Capacchione

Unlike traditional coloring books, which require fine motor control in highly detailed predetermined patterns, Drawing Your Stress Away is an “anti-coloring book” that helps reduce tension through emotional expression, self-nurturing, and artistic discovery.

Cover of 'Hello, This Is Your Body Talking'

Hello, This Is Your Body Talking
A Draw-It-Yourself Coloring Book
By Lucia Capacchione

With Drawing Your Stress Away and Hello, This Is Your Body Talking, art therapist and educator Dr. Lucia Capacchione presents a new concept in adult coloring: the draw-it-yourself coloring book. Forty years ago, Capacchione originated the Creative Journal Method to help clients and students reduce stress, heal trauma and unleash creativity.

Cover of 'The Creative Journal'

The Creative Journal
The Art of Finding Yourself: 35th Anniversary Edition
By Lucia Capacchione

Using more than fifty prompts and vibrantly illustrated examples, The Creative Journal—a classic in the fields of art therapy, memoir and creative writing, art journaling, and creativity development—guides readers through drawing and writing exercises to release feelings, explore dreams, and solve problems creatively.

Winner of a da Vinci Eye Medal for Superior Cover Design · Shortlisted for the 2010 Eric Hoffer Award’s Montaigne Medal
Cover of 'Searching for Soul'

Searching for Soul
A Survivor’s Guide
By Bobbe Tyler
· Foreword by Lucia Capacchione

To dive deep into your inner life. To navigate its complexity and explore your story in depth. To discover who you are exactly—the courage you have when life breaks apart, how conscious you become in that process, and how rich you feel learning the meaning of your life.

Cover of 'The Creative Journal'

The Creative Journal
The Art of Finding Yourself
By Lucia Capacchione

Originally released in 1980, The Creative Journal has become a classic inthe fields of art therapy, journal therapy, memoir and creative writing, artjournaling and creativity development. Over fifty journal prompts featuredrawing and writing to release feelings, explore dreams, do creativeproblem-solving and gain insights. Topics include emotional expression,healing the past, exploring relationships, self-inventory, health,relationships, life goals health and more.