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Cover of 'Settling Ohio'

Settling Ohio
First Peoples and Beyond
Edited by Timothy G. Anderson and Brian Schoen
· Foreword by M. Duane Nellis
· Afterword by Glenna J. Wallace

Scholars working in the fields of archaeology, education, history, geography, and politics tell a nuanced story about the people and dynamics that reshaped this region and determined who would control it. This volume retells a worn story as one of contested spaces, competing visions of nationhood, and complicated relations with Native American peoples.

History | United States | State & Local | Midwest · Ohio · Ohio and Regional · History | United States | 19th Century · History | United States | Revolutionary Period (1775-1800)


Cover of 'Collective Chaos'

Collective Chaos
A Roller Derby Team Memoir
By Samantha Tucker and Amy Spears

Through stories about playing this full-contact, theatrical, and revolutionary sport, Collective Chaos shows the value of gaining a truly radical self-knowledge through teamwork, love, discipline, and critical consideration of our local and global societies and of our roles and responsibilities within them.

Biography & Autobiography | Sports · Sports & Recreation | Roller & In-Line Skating · Biography & Autobiography | LGBTQ+ · Sports & Recreation | Cultural & Social Aspects · Ohio · Ohio and Regional

Cover of 'Gardening for Moths'

Gardening for Moths
A Regional Guide
By Jim McCormac and Chelsea Gottfried

Loaded with stunning color photographs, this practical guidebook, which encompasses the identification of moths, their caterpillars, and their vital roles in midwestern ecosystems, shows gardeners how to use native plants to attract these essential, but often overlooked and misunderstood, insects.

Gardening | Regional | Midwest · Nature | Animals | Butterflies & Moths · Nature | Ecosystems & Habitats | General · Midwest · Ohio and Regional · Guidebook · Gardening

Cover of 'The Scripps School'

The Scripps School
Its Stories, People, and Legacy
Edited by Ralph Izard

Since 1924 Ohio University’s E. W. Scripps School of Journalism has been among the most important programs of its kind. This book features the recollections of alumni, faculty, friends, and students in celebration of the school’s centennial.

Journalism · Higher Education · Ohio and Regional

Cover of 'Masks, Misinformation, and Making Do'

Masks, Misinformation, and Making Do
Appalachian Health-Care Workers and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Edited by Wendy Welch
· Foreword by Alan Morgan

This collection of first-person accounts by doctors, nurses, and others at the front lines in Appalachia explains how rural communities have responded to COVID-19, addresses stereotypical assumptions about and challenges within rural medical care, and describes burnout and other long-term effects of the pandemic on health-care workers.

Social Science | Disease & Health Issues · Medical | Public Health · Biography & Autobiography | Medical · Appalachia · Ohio and Regional

Cover of 'Alone in the House of My Heart'

Alone in the House of My Heart
By Kari Gunter-Seymour

With poems that are as complicated, breathtaking, and ravaged as Ohio’s southeastern foothills, state poet laureate Kari Gunter-Seymour shares an insider’s appreciation for Appalachia’s hard-worked land and hardworking people, who persevere with honor, humility, and courage through multigenerational struggles.

Poetry | Subjects & Themes | Places · Ohio and Regional · Poetry | Subjects & Themes | Family · Appalachia · Poetry

Cover of 'Common Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens of Ohio'

Common Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens of Ohio
A Visual Guide
By Robert Klips

Mosses, liverworts, and lichens are so prevalent on rocks, trees, walkways, and buildings that they often go unnoticed. With plain language and detailed color photographs of Ohio’s most common species—many of which appear throughout the Midwest—this guide helps nature lovers identify and understand their crucial role in the ecosystem.

Plant Guide · Science | Life Sciences | Botany · Nature | Regional · Ohio · Ohio and Regional · Guidebook

Cover of 'Enchanted Ground'

Enchanted Ground
The Spirit Room of Jonathan Koons
By Sharon Hatfield

In a fascinating work of religious history and cultural inquiry, Hatfield brings to life the true story of a nineteenth-century farmer-spiritualist, Jonathan Koons, whom thousands traveled to Ohio to see. As heirs to the second Great Awakening, he and his followers were part of a larger, uniquely American moment that still marks the culture today.

Spiritualism · History | United States | 19th Century · American History, Midwest · Ohio · Ohio and Regional

Cover of 'Mammals of Ohio'

Mammals of Ohio
By John D. Harder and Guy N. Cameron

A comprehensive and informative review of mammalian biology and conservation in Ohio with illustrative accounts of fifty-five species, including updated research and high-quality photographs, maps, and original drawings.

Nature | Animals | Mammals · Nature | Regional · Ohio · Ohio and Regional

Cover of 'Bread of the Moment'

Bread of the Moment
By David Sanders

David Sanders’s second book of poems mixes free and formal verse to search for wisdom in life’s quiet moments as well as in those jolting times when our fragility is most apparent.

Poetry | American · Poetry · Ohio and Regional · Literature

Cover of 'Bread of the Moment'

Bread of the Moment
By David Sanders

David Sanders’s second book of poems mixes free and formal verse to search for wisdom in life’s quiet moments as well as in those jolting times when our fragility is most apparent.

Poetry | American · Poetry · Ohio and Regional · Literature

Cover of 'The Last of His Mind'

The Last of His Mind
A Year in the Shadow of Alzheimer’s
By John Thorndike

The bittersweet account of a son’s final year with his Alzheimer’s-stricken father, former Life magazine managing editor Joe Thorndike, and a candid portrait of an implacable disease. For this second edition, author John Thorndike has written a new introduction with updated statistics and important lessons.

Memoir · Health & Fitness | Diseases | Alzheimer's & Dementia · Family & Relationships | Eldercare · Ohio and Regional

Cover of 'An Empty Grave'

An Empty Grave
An Andy Hayes Mystery
By Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Private eye Andy Hayes’ mission seems clear: locate a man who shot a Columbus police officer forty years earlier, then disappeared without a trace. But soon, Hayes discovers a years-long string of murders that lead him down a harrowing path of conspiracy and deception.

Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Private Investigators · Ohio · Ohio and Regional

Cover of 'On the Plains in ’65'

On the Plains in ’65
The 6th West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry in the West
By George H. Holliday
· Edited by Glenn V. Longacre

This annotated edition of George H. Holliday’s military memoir features new research that captures the untold story of Appalachian Ohio’s soldiers and their experiences during the Civil War era at home and in the American West.

American History, West · Biography & Autobiography | Military · American Civil War · West Virginia · Western Americana · Ohio and Regional · Ohio · American History, Midwest

Cover of 'The Autobiography of Daniel Parker, Frontier Universalist'

The Autobiography of Daniel Parker, Frontier Universalist
By Daniel Parker
· Edited by David Torbett

The memoir of Daniel Parker (1781–1861) is an invaluable primary source for post-revolutionary and antebellum American history, an itinerant preacher’s account of the frontier’s diverse and evolving religious landscape, and an engaging human story.

Biography, Religious · 19th century · Ohio and Regional

Cover of 'Clouds without Rain'

Clouds without Rain
An Amish Country Mystery
By P. L. Gaus

In the wake of a fatal accident involving an Amish buggy and an eighteen-wheeler, Professor Michael Branden’s suspicions grow alongside a number of mysterious happenings plaguing the quiet community. Will he uncover the true source of the crash before anyone else gets hurt?

Mystery · Ohio · Amish · Ohio and Regional