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Cover of 'Hornyheads, Madtoms, and Darters'

Hornyheads, Madtoms, and Darters
Narratives on Central Appalachian Fishes
By Stuart A. Welsh

Central Appalachia hosts a dazzling array of fish species that attracts robust scientific and recreational interests. Stuart A. Welsh draws on the work of early modern naturalists to examine central Appalachian fishes in terms of the food chain, conservation, climate change, and more as he considers these important creatures and their waterways.


Cover of 'Common Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens of Ohio'

Common Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens of Ohio
A Visual Guide
By Robert Klips

Mosses, liverworts, and lichens are so prevalent on rocks, trees, walkways, and buildings that they often go unnoticed. With plain language and detailed color photographs of Ohio’s most common species—many of which appear throughout the Midwest—this guide helps nature lovers identify and understand their crucial role in the ecosystem.

Cover of 'Mammals of Ohio'

Mammals of Ohio
By John D. Harder and Guy N. Cameron

A comprehensive and informative review of mammalian biology and conservation in Ohio with illustrative accounts of fifty-five species, including updated research and high-quality photographs, maps, and original drawings.