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Cover of 'Waterhouses'

Landscapes, Housing, and the Making of Modern Lagos
By Mark Duerksen

How did Lagos, Nigeria, grow from a tiny island kingdom to a megalopolis famous for its frenetic and congested form of coastal urbanism? This first-of-its-kind history provides a comprehensive narrative for understanding one of Africa’s largest cities—its buoyant vibrancy and its two-headed problem of housing shortages and rising seas—today.


Finalist for the 2020 African Studies Association Bethwell A. Ogot Prize for best book on East African studies · Short-listed for the Canadian Historical Association's 2020 Wallace K. Ferguson Prize for outstanding scholarly book in a field of history other than Canadian history.
Cover of 'Age of Concrete'

Age of Concrete
Housing and the Shape of Aspiration in the Capital of Mozambique
By David Morton

Age of Concrete is about people building homes on tenuous ground in the outer neighborhoods of Maputo, Mozambique, places thought of simply as slums. But up close, they are an archive: houses of reeds, wood, zinc, and concrete embodying the ambitions of people who built their own largest investment and greatest bequest to the future.