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Ohio University Sport Management Series

The Ohio University Sport Management Series is a collaboration between the award-winning Sport Management Program at Ohio University and Ohio University Press.
Edited by former Ohio University professors Heather Lawrence (CrossFit, LLC) and Norm O’Reilly (University of Maine), this series includes topics on professional, collegiate, Olympic, and grassroots sports.
The books in the series cover a wide range of topics and provide up-to-date and accessibly written information and deep content about the business of sports, tactical preparation for career and leadership positions, and key insights into sports management.
Authors include leading academics and influential industry executives.
Aimed at professionals, athletes, coaches, industry stakeholders and anyone else interested in the value of sport and sport education, the Ohio University Sport Management Series aims to provide readers with knowledge on all aspects and many of the key issues in the field.


Heather Lawrence
Director of Sport Operations
CrossFit, LLC

Norm O’Reilly
Graduate School of Business
University of Maine

James Strode
Director of Undergraduate Programs; Chair; Robert H. Freeman Associate Professor of Sport Management
College of Business
Ohio University

Cover of '20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes'

20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes
By Rick Burton, Jake Hirshman, Norm O'Reilly, Andy Dolich, and Heather Lawrence
· Foreword by Stan Wilcox
· Afterword by Christopher J. Parker

More than 99 percent of student-athletes will go pro in something other than sports. This book is for those college athletes, their advisors, and their families. It provides advice and insights for the typical student-athlete on how to navigate the college experience and name, image, and licensing rights and to prepare for life after graduation.

Business & Economics | Careers · Education | Professional Development · Sports & Recreation | Essays

Cover of 'Alternative Models of Sports Development in America'

Alternative Models of Sports Development in America
Solutions to a Crisis in Education and Public Health
By B. David Ridpath
· Foreword by Tom Farrey

B. David Ridpath offers clear steps to address the exploitative entanglement of sports and education in America and to create a new status quo. He lays out four possible alternative models that draw various elements from academic, athletic, and European approaches.

Higher Education · Sports · Medical | Health Policy · Business and Economics

Cover of '20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro'

20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro
By Rick Burton, Jake Hirshman, Norm O'Reilly, Andy Dolich, and Heather Lawrence
· Foreword by Oliver Luck
· Afterword by Pat O'Conner

The vast majority of student-athletes dreaming of athletic stardom won’t make it to the pros. Yet, the discipline and skills they’ve developed while balancing a sport and academics make them ideally suited for satisfying careers elsewhere.

Career Development · Sports · Guidebook