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Beth Pratt
Interim Director
(740) 593-1162

Editorial, Design, and Production

Beth Pratt
Production Manager
Tyler Balli
Editorial Coordinator


Ricky S. Huard
Acquisitions Editor
(740) 593-1157
Sally R. Welch
Acquisitions Administrator
Rights and Permissions
(740) 593-1154


Jeff Kallet
Sales Manager
(740) 593-1158
Laura André
Publicity Coordinator
(740) 593-1153


Heather Dillinger
Resource Analyst
(740) 593-0854
Sandra Dixon
Business Office Assistant
(740) 593 1155

Student Interns

Ohio University Press wouldn't be the same without these wonderful Ohio University student interns.

Shel Burton

Shel Burton

Andrea Gapsch

Andrea Gapsch

Mirakel Kolbeck

Mirakel Kolbeck