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October 2023

Cover of 'Unruly Ideas'

Unruly Ideas
A History of Kitawala in Congo
By Nicole Eggers

In this conceptual history, Nicole Eggers argues that practitioners of the Congolese religious movement Kitawala can be understood as intellectuals, innovators, and vital participants in the construction and use of power. Eggers also explores the relationship between healing and violence in their frequently gendered central African manifestations.

History | Africa | Central · Social Science | Anthropology | Cultural & Social · Religion | Religion, Politics & State · Democratic Republic of the Congo · African Studies

Cover of 'A Country of Defiance'

A Country of Defiance
Mapping the Casamance in Senegal
By Mark W. Deets

This analysis of culture and nationalism in the Casamance—home of the longest-running conflict on the African continent—considers colonialism, cartography, agriculture, religion, forests, education, and sports history to explain and analyze the complex identities that have driven the separatist movement as well as the Senegalese nation.

Social History · Human Geography · Social Science | Anthropology | Cultural & Social · Senegal · African Studies

Cover of 'Research as More Than Extraction'

Research as More Than Extraction
Knowledge Production and Gender-Based Violence in African Societies
Edited by Annie Bunting, Allen Kiconco, and Joel Quirk

This book contributes to an increasingly significant interdisciplinary field that focuses on ethics, methods, and the politics of gender-based violence. Its contributors, the majority of whom are based in Africa, offer concrete examples of how to undertake responsible research in African contexts. Their close and careful analyses of gender, violence, and patriarchy provide an important corrective to simplistic and reductionist gender-based studies.

Violence in Society · Social Science, Methodology · Gender Studies · Africa · African Studies