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March 2023

Cover of 'African Activists of the Twentieth Century'

African Activists of the Twentieth Century
Hani, Maathai, Mpama/Palmer, Saro-Wiwa
By Hugh Macmillan, Tabitha Kanogo, Robert R. Edgar, Roy Doron, and Toyin Falola

This omnibus edition brings together concise and up-to-date biographies of Chris Hani, Wangari Maathai, Josie Mpama/Palmer, and Ken Saro-Wiwa. The volume complements history, social justice, and political science courses and is a useful collection for general readers interested in learning about Africa’s most influential historical figures.

Biography, Activists · History | Modern | 20th Century · African History · Kenya · Nigeria · South Africa · African Studies

Cover of 'An Ordinary Life?'

An Ordinary Life?
The Journeys of Tonia Lechtman, 1918–1996
By Anna Müller

A Jew, Pole, daughter, mother, wife, Communist, migrant, Holocaust survivor, and refugee driven to fight for a better world. Ordinary or anything but? In Tonia Lechtman’s life, the lofty and the quotidian intertwined, making everything she did both monumental and mundane. Who was she?

Biography & Autobiography | Jewish · Jewish History · History | Modern | 20th Century · Poland · Palestine · Israel · France · Spain · Polish and Polish-American Studies

Cover of 'Gardening for Moths'

Gardening for Moths
A Regional Guide
By Jim McCormac and Chelsea Gottfried

Loaded with stunning color photographs, this practical guidebook, which encompasses the identification of moths, their caterpillars, and their vital roles in midwestern ecosystems, shows gardeners how to use native plants to attract these essential, but often overlooked and misunderstood, insects.

Gardening | Regional | Midwest · Nature | Animals | Butterflies & Moths · Nature | Ecosystems & Habitats | General · Midwest · Ohio and Regional · Guidebook · Gardening

Cover of 'Thomas H. Begay and the Navajo Code Talkers'

Thomas H. Begay and the Navajo Code Talkers
By Alysa Landry

Through Thomas H. Begay’s singular story, this richly illustrated biography for young readers describes aspects of Navajo history and culture and shows how a select group of Navajo soldiers used their native Diné language to invent and operate a secret communications system that was crucial to a US victory in the Pacific during World War II.

Juvenile Nonfiction | People & Places | United States | Native American · Juvenile Nonfiction | History | Military & Wars

Cover of 'Textile Orientalisms'

Textile Orientalisms
Cashmere and Paisley Shawls in British Literature and Culture
By Suchitra Choudhury

Considering popular literary images of Indian and Paisley shawls as markers of fashion, class, gender, and race during the long nineteenth century, this book shows how Indian imports and influences shaped wider discussions of British literature, art, politics, and empire.

Literary Criticism | European | English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh · Design | Fashion & Accessories · Victorian Studies · History | Europe | Great Britain | Victorian Era · Scotland · England · India

Cover of 'Sprawl'

By Andrew Collard

Andrew Collard’s lyrical poems about Detroit show how the social and geographical past influences the present. Written from the perspective of a single parent raising a child amid increasing social isolation, economic insecurity, public catastrophes, and anxiety, Sprawl reminds us of the comforting endurance of communal experience.

Poetry | Subjects & Themes | Places · Poetry | Subjects & Themes | Family · Detroit · Literature · Poetry

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