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The New American City Faces Its Regional Future
A Cleveland Perspective

Edited by David C. Sweet, Kathryn Wertheim Hexter, and David Beach

The fate of Cleveland, Ohio, rides on a web of interdependencies on a regional scale. People and communities throughout that area of Ohio are being forced to adjust to new civic roles. The city of Cleveland must understand how it fits into Greater Cleveland. And suburbs must understand their dependence on the historic central city and be drawn into the Cleveland community.

In this sweeping study by local and national experts, these and more specific issues are raised and examined in depth. The New American City Faces Its Regional Future captures the dynamic thinking concerned with Cleveland and its surrounding region. The authors address questions of importance not only to Cleveland and its region but also to communities across the country that are facing similar issues. How does the city want to grow in the future? How can it become a more livable community? As the population of the region moves farther and farther out from the established urban areas, consuming more and more land, and as it enters its third century, these questions will need to be addressed. This book takes some first, important steps toward providing the answers.

David C. Sweet is Dean of the Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University.   More info →

Kathryn Wertheim Hexter is Director of the Ohio Urban University Program at Cleveland State.   More info →

David Beach is Director of EcoCity Cleveland.   More info →

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Release date: December 1999
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