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Pumpkin Seed Point
Being Within the Hopi

By Frank Waters

“A distinguished ethnologist with a warm sympathy and a good reporter’s eye, Waters describes his experiences with the Hopi Indians in this book…He has the gift of immersing himself in his subject and shows clearly how the Hopis…are affected by the conflicts of modern life as are their white counterparts.”

Publishers Weekly

“Frank Waters is one of the most provocative, frustrating and satisfying writers in America — his works have a reality that is frightening and a mysticism that is tantalizing and he is as hard to capture as a drop of mercury on the palm — but one thing you know from the reading of any of his works: he is one of the best, and most underrated, writers in our country today…You will go far to find a book with this depth and this wit and this philosophy. Recommended without qualification to any reader interested in the human condition and the mysticism of the spirit.”

Don H. Peterson, The Daily Times

Frank Waters lived for three years among the Hopi people of Arizona and was quickly drawn into their culture. Pumpkin Seed Point is a beautifully written personal account of Waters’s inner and outer experiences among the Hopi.

Frank Waters (1902–1995), one of the finest chroniclers of the American Southwest, wrote twenty-eight works of fiction and nonfiction.   More info →

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