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The Creative Journal
The Art of Finding Yourself

By Lucia Capacchione

“Capacchione’s book is a masterpiece that brings out the best in each reader.”

Shotwell Reviews, Broadside

“Capacchione’s work is great! I recommend her books to people I work with who have a variety of problems. I think both drawing and writing encourage a fundamental need that we have for self-expression. There may be an added benefit to writing in that it translates experiences into language—which helps the person to resolve a trauma more quickly.”

James W. Pennebaker, author of Writing to Heal: A Guided Journal for Recovering from Trauma and Emotional Upheaval

“This marvelous book helps you to learn how to explore your feelings, dreams, and desires…. These exercises not only help to bring out your best—but also to discover that there is a best worth bringing out.”

Yes! Magazine

“You don’t need to be an artist or a writer to use this book as a tool for self-discovery.”


Originally released in 1980, The Creative Journal has become a classic inthe fields of art therapy, journal therapy, memoir and creative writing, artjournaling and creativity development. Over fifty journal prompts featuredrawing and writing to release feelings, explore dreams, do creativeproblem-solving and gain insights. Topics include emotional expression,healing the past, exploring relationships, self-inventory, health,relationships, life goals health and more. In The Creative Journal Dr.Capacchione first introduced her ground-breaking technique of writingwith the non-dominant hand for brain balancing, accessing the InnerChild, finding innate wisdom and developing creative potential.

The prompts are illustrated with vibrant, inspiring examples of studentand client work. The Creative Journal has been used as a text in collegecourses in psychology, art therapy and creative writing. It has provenuseful for novice and veteran journal-keepers, group leaders, counsellorsand teachers. The Creative Journal method has been used in publicschools (K-12), counselling centers, recovery programs, prisons, cancersupport groups, spiritual retreats and workshops for veterans and activemilitary. Through doodles, scribbles, written inner dialogues and letters,people of all ages have discovered vast inner resources.

The prompts help Creative Journal-keepers:

• Relax and play freely with art media and words
• Release pent-up emotions without self-criticism
• Explore writing and poetry through personal imagery
• Decode dreams and learn the language of symbols
• Turn challenges into wise counsel from within
• Gain deep insights and self-acceptance
• Dissolve creative blocks and get out of ruts in all areas of life
• Identify needed changes and set them into motion
• Enrich relationships through deeper understanding of self and others
• Listen to one’s true heart’s desire and follow its lead
• Uncover creative potential in work and leisure
• Get in touch with one’s deepest Inner Self

Lucia Capacchione is the bestselling author of The Creative Journal: The Art of Finding Yourself, Recovery of Your Inner Child, and many other Creative Journal Method books for recovery, healing, and life planning. Her work and professional training program have found an international audience, and her books have been translated into multiple languages.   More info →

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Cover of The Creative Journal

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Using more than fifty prompts and vibrantly illustrated examples, The Creative Journal—a classic in the fields of art therapy, memoir and creative writing, art journaling, and creativity development—guides readers through drawing and writing exercises to release feelings, explore dreams, and solve problems creatively.

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