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William Barillas

William Barillas is assistant professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-La Cross and the author of The Midwestern Pastoral: Place and Landscape in Literature of the American Heartland, also from Ohio University Press. His areas of focus include American literature, particularly literature of the Midwest, with special concern for poetry, environmental literature, and Latinx literature.

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Winner of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature/Ohio University Press Book Prize
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The Midwestern Pastoral
Place and Landscape in Literature of the American Heartland
By William Barillas

The midwestern pastoral is a literary tradition of place and rural experience that celebrates an attachment to land that is mystical as well as practical, based on historical and scientific knowledge as well as personal experience. It is exemplified in the poetry, fiction, and essays of writers who express an informed love of the nature and regional landscapes of the Midwest.Drawing

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