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Wade C. Pendleton

Wade C. Pendleton, Professor of Anthropology at San Diego State University in California, after having been refused entry into Namibia for eleven years, returned in 1987 to pursure a variety of research projects, including this follow-up to his earlier work in the township of Katutura.

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Katutura: A Place Where We Stay
Life in a Post-Apartheid Township in Namibia
By Wade C. Pendleton

Katutura, located in Namibia’s major urban center and capital, Windhoek, was a township created by apartheid, and administered in the past by the most rigid machinery of the apartheid era. Namibia became a sovereign state in 1990, and Katutura reflects many of the changes that have taken place. No longer part of a rigidly bounded social system, people in Katutura today have the opportunity to enter and leave as their personal circumstances dictate.

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