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Susan Shoenbauer Thurin

Susan Schoenbauer Thurin, a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, is the author of many articles on Victorian literature. She has also taught in Liberia, England, Sweden, and China.

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Cover of 'Victorian Travelers and the Opening of China 1842–1907'

Victorian Travelers and the Opening of China 1842–1907
By Susan Shoenbauer Thurin

Three men and three women: a plant collector, a merchant and his novelist wife, a military officer, and two famous women travelers went to China between the Opium War and the formal end of the opium trade, 1842–1907. Their range of perspectives, their acquaintance with one another and their similar scope of travel to Hong Kong, the treaty ports, and Sichuan lend intensity to their picture of China and the Western presence there.What

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