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Richard Waller

Richard Waller is Professor Emeritus of History at Bucknell University.

Listed in: Colonialism and Decolonization · African Studies · Eastern Africa · Kenya · Maasai · Cold War · Anthropology · Tanzania · Race and Ethnicity · Biography, Heads of State · African History

Cover of 'Being Maasai'

Being Maasai
Ethnicity and Identity In East Africa
Edited by Thomas Spear and Richard Waller

Everyone “knows” the Maasai as proud pastoralists who once dominated the Rift Valley from northern Kenya to central Tanzania.But many people who identity themselves as Maasai, or who speak Maa, are not pastoralist at all, but farmers and hunters. Over time many different people have “become” something else. And what it means to be Maasai has changed radically over the past several centuries and is still changing today.This

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