Patricia Hayes

Patricia Hayes completed her Ph.D. thesis on the history of Ovamboland between 1880 and 1935 at Cambridge University in 1992. She was Visiting Assistant Professor in African History at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania during 1990 and later a Research Fellow at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge. She now lectures in the History Department of the University of the Western Cape.

Listed in: African Studies · Political Science · African History

Cover of 'Namibia under South African Rule'

Namibia under South African Rule
Mobility and Containment, 1915–46
Edited by Patricia Hayes, Jeremy Silvester, Marion Wallace, and Wolfram Hartmann

The peoples of Namibia have been on the move throughout history. The South Africans in 1915 took over from the Germans in trying to fit Namibia into a colonial landscape. This book is about the clashes and stresses which resulted from the first three decades of South African colonial rule. Namibia under South African Rule is a major contribution to Namibian historiography, exploring, in particular, many new themes in twentieth-century Namibian history.

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