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Mary Arseneau

Mary Arseneau is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Ottawa.

Listed in: Literary Criticism | European | English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh · Victorian Studies · Victorian Era · Christina Rossetti · Literary Criticism, Women Authors · Literature

Cover of 'The Culture of Christina Rossetti'

The Culture of Christina Rossetti
Female Poetics and Victorian Contexts
Edited by Mary Arseneau, Antony H. Harrison, and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra

The Culture of Christina Rossetti explores a “new” Christina Rossetti as she emerges from the scrutiny of the particular historical and cultural context in which she lived and wrote. The essays in this collection demonstrate how the recluse, saint, and renunciatory spinster of former studies was in fact an active participant in her society’s attempt to grapple with new developments in aesthetics, theology, science, economics, and politics.The

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