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Gretchen Bauer

Gretchen Bauer teaches African and Comparative Politics in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware.

Listed in: African Studies · Labor History · Nationalism · Namibia · Political Science · History | Modern | 20th Century

Cover of 'Labor and Democracy in Namibia, 1971–1996'

Labor and Democracy in Namibia, 1971–1996
By Gretchen Bauer

In this compelling study of labor and nationalism during and after Namibia’s struggle for liberation, Gretchen Bauer addresses the very difficult task of consolidating democracy in an independent Namibia. Labor and Democracy in Namibia, 1971-1996 argues that a vibrant and autonomous civil society is crucial to the consolidation of new democracies, and it identifies trade unions, in particular, as especially important organizations of civil society.

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