Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth Jordan (1865-1947) was a journalist for the World who reported on the trial of Lizzie Borden in 1893 and later served as editor of Harper's Bazaar.

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Cover of 'The  Sturdy Oak'

The Sturdy Oak
A Composite Novel of American Politics
Edited by Elizabeth Jordan
· Introduction by Ida H. Washington

In the spring of 1916, as the workers for woman suffrage were laying plans for another attack on the bastions of male supremacy, the idea for The Sturdy Oak was born. Based on the rules of an old parlor game, wherein one person begins a narrative, another continues it, and another follows, this collaborative effort by the leading writers of the day, such as Fannie Hurst, Dorothy Canfield, and Kathleen Norris, is a satiric look at the gender roles of the time.

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