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Diane M. Ciekawy

Diane M. Ciekawy is associate professor of anthropology at Ohio University. She publishes in the areas of religion, law, politics, and human rights and is completing an ethnography of Kajiwe's witchcraft-finding movement in Kenya.

Listed in: African Studies · Africa · Anthropology · Sociology

Cover of 'Witchcraft Dialogues'

Witchcraft Dialogues
Anthropological and Philosophical Exchanges
Edited by George Clement Bond and Diane M. Ciekawy

Witchcraft Dialogues analyzes the complex manner in which human beings construct, experience, and think about the “occult.” It brings together anthropologists, philosophers, and sociologists, from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, to engage the metaphysical properties of “witchcraft” and “sorcery” and to explore their manifestations in people’s lived experiences.While

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