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Dean Kotlowski

Dean Kotlowski is visiting assistant professor of history at Ohio University where he specializes in 20th-century American politics and public policy. His articles have appeared in The Historian, Journal of Policy History, and Business History Review.

Listed in: Political Science | Intergovernmental Organizations · Europe · Political Science | International Relations · European History

Cover of 'The European Union'

The European Union
From Jean Monnet to the Euro
Edited by Dean Kotlowski
· Introduction by Joan Hoff

The transformation of Europe since the end of World War II has been astounding. In 1945, a battle-scarred continent lay in ruins. Today, it has achieved a level of integration, prosperity, and stability that few people could have anticipated. The life and career of the French statesman Jean Monnet and the recent adoption of the Euro as Europe’s common currency represent the bookends of this half-century-long metamorphosis.This

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