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Carole Klein

Ms. Klein is the author of Aline, (1979) the biography of Aline Bernstein, a highly successful stage designer and the lover and mentor of Thomas Wolfe; Mothers and Sons (1984), The Myth of the Happy Child (1975), and The Single Parent Experience (1971).

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Cover of 'Gramercy Park'

Gramercy Park
An American Bloomsbury
By Carole Klein

Carole Klein’s Study of Gramercy Park is cast with luminary, visionary, and innovative souls who contributed to the mystique of the Big City from the early neighborhood years of 1820 to 1940. Washington Irving, Stephen Crane, O. Henry, Mark Twain, Henry James, Edith Wharton — the list of Gramercy Park residents over the years is a catalog of achievement and dedication in American arts and culture.

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