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Brenda Murphy

Brenda Murphy is the author of American Realism and American Drama, 1880–1940 (Cambridge, 1987), Tennessee Williams and Elia Kazan: A Collaboration in the Theatre (Cambridge, 1992), and, with George Monteiro, the editor of John Hay—Howells Letters (Twayne, 1980). She is professor of English at the University of Connecticut.

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Cover of 'A Realist in the American Theatre'

A Realist in the American Theatre
Selected Drama Criticism of William Dean Howells
Edited by Brenda Murphy

William Dean Howells has long been recognized as the chief spokesman for post-1880s American Realism. Most of his writing appeared in popular magazines, however, and has been lost to us. This collection brings together for the first time his most significant essays about American drama written between 1875 and 1919 and a full bibliography of his writings on drama and theatre.

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