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Alfred E. Eckes Jr.

Alfred E. Eckes, Jr., is Ohio Eminent Research Professor in Contemporary History at Ohio University and a former Commissioner and Chairman of the U.S. International Trade Commission. He is president of the International Trade and Finance Association.

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Cover of 'Revisiting U.S. Trade Policy'

Revisiting U.S. Trade Policy
Decisions in Perspective
Edited by Alfred E. Eckes Jr.

In trade policy, as in many other areas of public policy, decision makers often confront present and future problems with little understanding of how similar disputes were resolved in the past. Too often, busy public officials had no time to write or record negotiating histories. Revisiting U.S. Trade Policy, which is certain to become a classic in the literature of trade negotiations, is just such a record.Built on the oral histories of thirty-five former U.S.

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