Cover of 'Camp Life Is Paradise for Freddy'

Camp Life Is Paradise for Freddy

A Childhood in the Dutch East Indies, 1933–1946

By Fred Lanzing
Translation by Marjolijn de Jager
Introduction by William H. Frederick

Cover of 'Gongs and Pop Songs'

Gongs and Pop Songs

Sounding Minangkabau in Indonesia

By Jennifer A. Fraser

Cover of 'Land for the People'

Land for the People

The State and Agrarian Conflict in Indonesia

Edited by Anton Lucas and Carol Warren

Cover of 'Wartime in Burma'

Wartime in Burma

A Diary, January to June 1942

By Theippan Maung Wa
Edited by L. E. Bagshawe and Anna J. Allott

Cover of 'Realizing the Dream of R. A. Kartini'

Realizing the Dream of R. A. Kartini

Her Sisters’ Letters from Colonial Java

Edited by Joost J. Coté

Cover of 'Burma’s Mass Lay Meditation Movement'

Burma’s Mass Lay Meditation Movement

Buddhism and the Cultural Construction of Power

By Ingrid Jordt

Cover of 'Power Plays'

Power Plays

Wayang Golek Puppet Theater of West Java

By Andrew N. Weintraub

Cover of 'Tensions of Empire'

Tensions of Empire

Japan and Southeast Asia in the Colonial and Postcolonial World

By Ken’ichi Goto
Edited by Paul H. Kratoska

Cover of 'Theater and Martial Arts in West Sumatra'

Theater and Martial Arts in West Sumatra

Randai and Silek of the Minangkabau

By Kirstin Pauka

Cover of 'Japanese Empire in the Tropics'

Japanese Empire in the Tropics

Selected Documents and Reports of the Japanese Period in Sarawak, Northwest Borneo, 1941–1945

By Ooi Keat Gin

Cover of 'Myth and History in the Historiography of Early Burma'

Myth and History in the Historiography of Early Burma

Paradigms, Primary Sources, and Prejudices

By Michael A. Aung-Thwin

Cover of 'Imagining Indonesia'

Imagining Indonesia

Cultural Politics and Political Culture

Edited by Jim Schiller and Barbara Martin-Schiller

Cover of 'Eight Prison Camps'

Eight Prison Camps

A Dutch Family in Japanese Java

By Dieuwke Wendelaar Bonga

Cover of 'Violence and the Dream People'

Violence and the Dream People

The Orang Asli in the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960

By John D. Leary

Cover of 'Not Out of Hate'

Not Out of Hate

A Novel of Burma

By Ma Ma Lay
Edited by William H. Frederick
Translation by Margaret Aung-Thwin

Spectator Society

The Philippines Under Martial Rule

By Benjamin N. Muego

Cover of 'Running Amok'

Running Amok

An Historical Inquiry

By John C. Spores

Cover of 'From Kampung to City'

From Kampung to City

A Social History of Kucing Malaysia, 1820-1970

By Craig Lockard

Cover of 'Change and Continuity in Minangkabau'

Change and Continuity in Minangkabau

Local, Regional, and Historical Perspectives on West Sumatra

By Lynn L. Thomas and Franz Von Benda-Beckmann

Cover of 'The  Japanese Experience in Indonesia'

The Japanese Experience in Indonesia

Selected Memoirs of 1942-1945

By Anthony Reid
Edited by Oki Akira


A Cultural Approach

By Ward Keeler