Cover of 'Passionate Revolutions'

Passionate Revolutions

The Media and the Rise and Fall of the Marcos Regime

By Talitha Espiritu

Cover of 'Camp Life Is Paradise for Freddy'

Camp Life Is Paradise for Freddy

A Childhood in the Dutch East Indies, 1933–1946

By Fred Lanzing
Translation by Marjolijn de Jager
Introduction by William H. Frederick

Cover of 'Women in the Shadows'

Women in the Shadows

Gender, Puppets, and the Power of Tradition in Bali

By Jennifer Goodlander

Cover of 'Subversive Lives'

Subversive Lives

A Family Memoir of the Marcos Years

By Susan F. Quimpo and Nathan Gilbert Quimpo
Foreword by Vicente L. Rafael

Cover of 'Gongs and Pop Songs'

Gongs and Pop Songs

Sounding Minangkabau in Indonesia

By Jennifer A. Fraser

Cover of 'Land for the People'

Land for the People

The State and Agrarian Conflict in Indonesia

Edited by Anton Lucas and Carol Warren

Cover of 'Resistance on the National Stage'

Resistance on the National Stage

Theater and Politics in Late New Order Indonesia

By Michael H. Bodden

Cover of 'The Return of the Galon King'

The Return of the Galon King

History, Law, and Rebellion in Colonial Burma

By Maitrii Aung–Thwin

Cover of 'Between Frontiers'

Between Frontiers

Nation and Identity in a Southeast Asian Borderland

By Noboru Ishikawa

Cover of 'Wartime in Burma'

Wartime in Burma

A Diary, January to June 1942

By Theippan Maung Wa
Edited by L. E. Bagshawe and Anna J. Allott

Cover of 'Silenced Voices'

Silenced Voices

Uncovering a Family’s Colonial History in Indonesia

By Inez Hollander

Cover of 'Being “Dutch” in the Indies'

Being “Dutch” in the Indies

A History of Creolisation and Empire, 1500–1920

By Ulbe Bosma and Remco Raben
Translation by Wendie Shaffer

Cover of 'BitterSweet'


The Memoir of a Chinese Indonesian Family in the Twentieth Century

By Stuart Pearson

Cover of 'Realizing the Dream of R. A. Kartini'

Realizing the Dream of R. A. Kartini

Her Sisters’ Letters from Colonial Java

Edited by Joost J. Coté

Cover of 'Southeast Asian Lives'

Southeast Asian Lives

Personal Narratives and Historical Experience

Edited by Roxana Waterson

Cover of 'Burma’s Mass Lay Meditation Movement'

Burma’s Mass Lay Meditation Movement

Buddhism and the Cultural Construction of Power

By Ingrid Jordt

Cover of 'Locating Southeast Asia'

Locating Southeast Asia

Geographies of Knowledge and Politics of Space

Edited by Paul H. Kratoska, Remco Raben, and Henk Schulte Nordholt

Cover of 'Tensions of Empire'

Tensions of Empire

Japan and Southeast Asia in the Colonial and Postcolonial World

By Ken’ichi Goto
Edited by Paul H. Kratoska

Cover of 'Secrets Need Words'

Secrets Need Words

Indonesian Poetry, 1966-1998

Edited by Harry Aveling

Cover of 'Theater and Martial Arts in West Sumatra'

Theater and Martial Arts in West Sumatra

Randai and Silek of the Minangkabau

By Kirstin Pauka

Cover of 'Myth and History in the Historiography of Early Burma'

Myth and History in the Historiography of Early Burma

Paradigms, Primary Sources, and Prejudices

By Michael A. Aung-Thwin

Cover of 'Japanese Empire in the Tropics'

Japanese Empire in the Tropics

Selected Documents and Reports of the Japanese Period in Sarawak, Northwest Borneo, 1941–1945

By Ooi Keat Gin