Cover of 'Football and Colonialism'

Football and Colonialism

Body and Popular Culture in Urban Mozambique

By Nuno Domingos

Cover of 'The Gun in Central Africa'

The Gun in Central Africa

A History of Technology and Politics

By Giacomo Macola

Cover of 'Dams, Displacement, and the Delusion of Development'

Dams, Displacement, and the Delusion of Development

Cahora Bassa and Its Legacies in Mozambique, 1965–2007

By Allen F. Isaacman and Barbara S. Isaacman

Cover of 'Our New Husbands Are Here'

Our New Husbands Are Here

Households, Gender, and Politics in a West African State from the Slave Trade to Colonial Rule

By Emily Lynn Osborn

Cover of 'Mariemont'


A Pictorial History of a Model Town

By Millard F. Rogers Jr.

Cover of 'Come Buy, Come Buy'

Come Buy, Come Buy

Shopping and the Culture of Consumption in Victorian Women’s Writing

By Krista Lysack

Cover of 'A Necessary Luxury'

A Necessary Luxury

Tea in Victorian England

By Julie E. Fromer

Cover of 'Colonial Rosary'

Colonial Rosary

The Spanish and Indian Missions of California

By Alison Lake

Cover of 'Black Poachers, White Hunters'

Black Poachers, White Hunters

A Social History of Hunting in Colonial Kenya

By Edward I. Steinhart

Cover of 'We Are Fighting the World'

We Are Fighting the World

A History of the Marashea Gangs in South Africa, 1947–1999

By Gary Kynoch

Cover of 'Ouidah'


The Social History of a West African Slaving Port, 1727–1892

By Robin Law

Cover of 'Eurafricans in Western Africa'

Eurafricans in Western Africa

Commerce, Social Status, Gender, and Religious Observance from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century

By George E. Brooks

Cover of 'Women, Work, and Representation'

Women, Work, and Representation

Needlewomen in Victorian Art and Literature

By Lynn M. Alexander