Cover of 'Cinematic Hamlet'

Cinematic Hamlet

The Films of Olivier, Zeffirelli, Branagh, and Almereyda

By Patrick J. Cook

Cover of 'The Practical Shakespeare'

The Practical Shakespeare

The Plays in Practice and on the Page

By Colin Butler

Cover of 'Directing Shakespeare'

Directing Shakespeare

A Scholar Onstage

By Sidney Homan

Cover of 'Shakespeare at the Cineplex'

Shakespeare at the Cineplex

The Kenneth Branagh Era

By Samuel Crowl

Cover of 'Framing Shakespeare on Film'

Framing Shakespeare on Film

How the Frame Reveals Meaning

By Kathy M. Howlett

Cover of 'Shakespeare Observed'

Shakespeare Observed

Studies in Performance on Stage and Screen

By Samuel Crowl

Cover of 'Darkness and Devils'

Darkness and Devils

Exorcism and King Lear

By John L. Murphy