Cover of 'Citizenship, Belonging, and Political Community in Africa'

Citizenship, Belonging, and Political Community in Africa

Dialogues between Past and Present

Edited by Emma Hunter

Cover of 'The Public and Its Problems'

The Public and Its Problems

An Essay in Political Inquiry

By John Dewey
Edited by Melvin L. Rogers
Introduction by Melvin L. Rogers

Cover of 'Captured Peace'

Captured Peace

Elites and Peacebuilding in El Salvador

By Christine J. Wade

Cover of 'Hatred at Home'

Hatred at Home

al-Qaida on Trial in the American Midwest

By Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Cover of 'The  Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr., Vol III'

The Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr., Vol III

NAACP Labor Secretary and Director of the NAACP Washington Bureau, 1946–1950

By Clarence Mitchell Jr.
Edited by Denton L. Watson

Cover of 'The Resolution of African Conflicts'

The Resolution of African Conflicts

The Management of Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Edited by Alfred Nhema and Paul Tiyambe Zeleza

Cover of 'Ethnic Federalism'

Ethnic Federalism

The Ethiopian Experience in Comparative Perspective

Edited by David Turton

Cover of 'Military Intervention after the Cold War'

Military Intervention after the Cold War

The Evolution of Theory and Practice

By Andrea Kathryn Talentino

Cover of 'Limits to Liberation after Apartheid'

Limits to Liberation after Apartheid

Citizenship, Governance, & Culture

Edited by Steven L. Robins

Cover of 'African Underclass'

African Underclass

Urbanisation, Crime, and Colonial Order in Dar es Salaam

By Andrew Burton

Cover of 'Chocolate on Trial'

Chocolate on Trial

Slavery, Politics, and the Ethics of Business

By Lowell J. Satre

Cover of 'The Center of a Great Empire'

The Center of a Great Empire

The Ohio Country in the Early Republic

Edited by Andrew R. L. Cayton and Stuart D. Hobbs

Cover of 'Disarming Manhood'

Disarming Manhood

Roots of Ethical Resistance

By David A. J. Richards

Cover of 'DeVoto’s West'

DeVoto’s West

History, Conservation, and the Public Good

By Bernard DeVoto
Edited by Edward K. Muller

Cover of 'Feminism and the Legacy of Revolution'

Feminism and the Legacy of Revolution

Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chiapas

By Karen Kampwirth

Cover of 'No Peace, No War'

No Peace, No War

An Anthropology of Contemporary Armed Conflicts

Edited by Paul Richards

Cover of 'The Collected Works of William Howard Taft, Volume VIII'

The Collected Works of William Howard Taft, Volume VIII

“Liberty under Law” and Selected Supreme Court Opinions

Edited by Francis Graham Lee

Cover of 'Leaf of Allah'

Leaf of Allah

Khat & Agricultural Transformation in Harerge, Ethiopia, 1875–1991

By Ezekiel Gebissa