Cover of 'The  Destructive Element'

The Destructive Element

New and Selected Poems

By Turner Cassity

Cover of 'And Still Birds Sing'

And Still Birds Sing

New and Collected Poems

By Lucien Stryk

Cover of 'Private Poets, Worldly Acts'

Private Poets, Worldly Acts

Public and Private History in Contemporary American Poetry

By Kevin Stein

Cover of 'American and British Poetry'

American and British Poetry

A Guide to the Criticism, 1979-1990

By Harriet Semmes Alexander

Cover of 'Swimming At Midnight'

Swimming At Midnight

Selected Shorter Poems

By John Matthias

Cover of 'God’s Torment'

God’s Torment

Poems By Alain Bosquet

By Alain Bosquet
Translation by Edouard Roditi

Cover of 'The  Tale of Prince Samuttakote'

The Tale of Prince Samuttakote

A Buddhist Epic from Thailand

By Thomas Hudak

Cover of 'Echoes of the Sunbird'

Echoes of the Sunbird

An Anthology of Contemporary African Poetry

Edited by Donald Burness

Cover of 'The  Voice of the Night'

The Voice of the Night

Complete Poetry and Prose of Chairil Anwar

By Chairil Anwar
Translation by Burton Raffel

Cover of 'Cage of Fireflies'

Cage of Fireflies

Modern Japanese Haiku

By Lucien Stryk

Cover of 'Early Poems'

Early Poems


By Yves Bonnefoy
Translation by Galway Kinnell and Richard Pevear

Cover of 'Dumpling Field'

Dumpling Field

Haiku of Issa

Edited by Lucien Stryk and Noboru Fujiwara

Cover of 'The  Poetry of Resistance'

The Poetry of Resistance

Seamus Heaney and the Pastoral Tradition

By Sidney Burris

Cover of 'The  Nameless Sight'

The Nameless Sight

Poems 1937–1956

By Alan Swallow

Cover of 'James Wright'

James Wright

The Poetry of a Grown Man; Constancy and Transition in the Work of James Wright

By Kevin Stein

Cover of 'Ambiguous Dancers of Fame'

Ambiguous Dancers of Fame

Collected Poems: 1945-1986

By James Schevill

Cover of 'The Complete Works of Robert Browning, Volume VII'

The Complete Works of Robert Browning, Volume VII

With Variant Readings and Annotations

By Robert Browning
Edited by Roma A. King Jr.