Cover of 'The Community Table'

The Community Table

Event Fundraising Lessons from Bounty on the Bricks

By Susan Cole Urano

Cover of 'Empowering the Public-Private Partnership'

Empowering the Public-Private Partnership

The Future of America's Local Government

By George V. Voinovich

Cover of 'Virginia Hamilton'

Virginia Hamilton

America’s Storyteller

By Julie K. Rubini

Cover of 'The Hunt'

The Hunt

An Andy Hayes Mystery

By Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Cover of 'Home Front to Battlefront'

Home Front to Battlefront

An Ohio Teenager in World War II

By Frank Lavin
Foreword by Henry Kissinger

Cover of 'Ohio in Photographs'

Ohio in Photographs

A Portrait of the Buckeye State

By Ian Adams and Randall Lee Schieber
Introduction by John Fleischman
Foreword by John R. Kasich

Cover of 'Driven toward Madness'

Driven toward Madness

The Fugitive Slave Margaret Garner and Tragedy on the Ohio

By Nikki M. Taylor

Cover of 'The Jacksonian Conservatism of Rufus P. Ranney'

The Jacksonian Conservatism of Rufus P. Ranney

The Politics and Jurisprudence of a Northern Democrat from the Age of Jackson to the Gilded Age

By David M. Gold

Cover of 'No Money, No Beer, No Pennants'

No Money, No Beer, No Pennants

The Cleveland Indians and Baseball in the Great Depression

By Scott H. Longert

Cover of 'The Jerrie Mock Story'

The Jerrie Mock Story

The First Woman to Fly Solo around the World

By Nancy Roe Pimm

Cover of 'The Common Lot and Other Stories'

The Common Lot and Other Stories

The Published Short Fiction, 1908–1921

By Emma Bell Miles
Edited by Grace Toney Edwards
Introduction by Grace Toney Edwards

Cover of 'Capitol Punishment'

Capitol Punishment

An Andy Hayes Mystery

By Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Cover of 'The Bellwether'

The Bellwether

Why Ohio Picks the President

By Kyle Kondik

Cover of 'A Young General and the Fall of Richmond'

A Young General and the Fall of Richmond

The Life and Career of Godfrey Weitzel

By G. William Quatman

Cover of 'All the Way to #1'

All the Way to #1

The Story of the Greatest High School Football National Championship Teams of the 20th Century

By Timothy L. Hudak and John R. Pflug Jr.

Cover of 'Missing Millie Benson'

Missing Millie Benson

The Secret Case of the Nancy Drew Ghostwriter and Journalist

By Julie K. Rubini

Cover of 'Midwestern Native Shrubs and Trees'

Midwestern Native Shrubs and Trees

Gardening Alternatives to Nonnative Species

By Charlotte Adelman and Bernard L. Schwartz

Cover of 'Keep On Fighting'

Keep On Fighting

The Life and Civil Rights Legacy of Marian A. Spencer

By Dorothy H. Christenson
Introduction by Mary E. Frederickson

Cover of 'Walk Till the Dogs Get Mean'

Walk Till the Dogs Get Mean

Meditations on the Forbidden from Contemporary Appalachia

Edited by Adrian Blevins and Karen Salyer McElmurray

Cover of 'Keeping Heart'

Keeping Heart

A Memoir of Family Struggle, Race, and Medicine

By Otis Trotter
Introduction by Joe William Trotter Jr.

Cover of 'Women of the Mountain South'

Women of the Mountain South

Identity, Work, and Activism

Edited by Connie Park Rice and Marie Tedesco

Cover of 'Slow Burn'

Slow Burn

An Andy Hayes Mystery

By Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Cover of 'Trampoline'


An Illustrated Novel

By Robert Gipe

Cover of 'Every River on Earth'

Every River on Earth

Writing from Appalachian Ohio

Edited by Neil Carpathios
Foreword by Donald Ray Pollock