Reflections · The Columbus Museum of Art’s American Collection · Edited by Nannette V. Maciejunes and M. Melissa Wolfe

Cover of 'Enchanted Ground'

Enchanted Ground · The Spirit Room of Jonathan Koons · By Sharon Hatfield

Cover of 'The Third Brother'

The Third Brother · An Andy Hayes Mystery · By Andrew Welsh-Huggins

The Scripps School · Its Stories, People, and Legacy · Edited by Ralph Izard

Cover of 'The Community Table'

The Community Table · Event Fundraising Lessons from Bounty on the Bricks · By Susan Cole Urano

Cover of 'Empowering the Public-Private Partnership'

Empowering the Public-Private Partnership · The Future of America’s Local Government · By George V. Voinovich · Introduction by R. Gregory Browning and Hunter Morrison · Afterword by Hunter Morrison

Cover of 'Virginia Hamilton'

Virginia Hamilton · America’s Storyteller · By Julie K. Rubini