Cover of 'Gongs and Pop Songs'

Gongs and Pop Songs

Sounding Minangkabau in Indonesia

By Jennifer A. Fraser

Cover of 'Intonations'


A Social History of Music and Nation in Luanda, Angola, from 1945 to Recent Times

By Marissa J. Moorman

Cover of 'Music Hall and Modernity'

Music Hall and Modernity

The Late-Victorian Discovery of Popular Culture

By Barry J. Faulk

Cover of 'Words on Music'

Words on Music

From Addison to Barzun

Edited by Jack Sullivan

Cover of 'Ontology of the Work of Art'

Ontology of the Work of Art

The Musical Work, The Picture, The Architectural Work, The Film

By Roman Ingarden
Translation by Raymond Meyer and John T. Goldthwait