Cover of 'In Essentials, Unity'

In Essentials, Unity

An Economic History of the Grange Movement

By Jenny Bourne
Preface by Paul Finkelman

Cover of 'Follow the Blue Blazes'

Follow the Blue Blazes

A Guide to Hiking Ohio’s Buckeye Trail

By Connie Pond and Robert J. Pond
Foreword by Steven M. Newman

Cover of 'Walking the Steps of Cincinnati'

Walking the Steps of Cincinnati

A Guide to the Queen City’s Scenic and Historic Secrets

By Mary Anna DuSablon
Foreword by Roxanne Qualls

Cover of 'Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest'

Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest

A Guide for Residential and Commercial Properties

By Scott A. Zanon

Cover of 'Civil War Chicago'

Civil War Chicago

Eyewitness to History

Edited by Theodore J. Karamanski and Eileen M. McMahon

Cover of 'The Engraving Trade in Early Cincinnati'

The Engraving Trade in Early Cincinnati

With a Brief Account of the Beginning of the Lithographic Trade

By Donald C. O'Brien

Cover of 'Access with Attitude'

Access with Attitude

An Advocate’s Guide to Freedom of Information in Ohio

By David Marburger and Karl Idsvoog

Cover of 'Kansas’s War'

Kansas’s War

The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Pearl T. Ponce

Cover of 'The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist'

The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist

The Private Sketchbooks of S. Plunkett

By Sandy Plunkett

Cover of 'Do They Miss Me at Home?'

Do They Miss Me at Home?

The Civil War Letters of William McKnight, Seventh Ohio Volunteer Cavalry

Edited by Donald C. Maness and H. Jason Combs

Cover of 'Missouri’s War'

Missouri’s War

The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Silvana R. Siddali

Cover of 'Indiana’s War'

Indiana’s War

The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Richard F. Nation and Stephen E. Towne

Cover of 'American Pogrom'

American Pogrom

The East St. Louis Race Riot and Black Politics

By Charles L. Lumpkins

Cover of 'One Day for Democracy'

One Day for Democracy

Independence Day and the Americanization of Iron Range Immigrants

By Mary Lou Nemanic

Cover of 'The Fairer Death'

The Fairer Death

Executing Women in Ohio

By Victor L. Streib

Cover of 'Ohio’s War'

Ohio’s War

The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Christine Dee

Cover of 'Ohio Volunteer'

Ohio Volunteer

The Childhood and Civil War Memoirs of Captain John Calvin Hartzell, OVI

Edited by Charles I. Switzer

Cover of 'The Black Laws'

The Black Laws

Race and the Legal Process in Early Ohio

By Stephen Middleton

Cover of 'Religion in Ohio'

Religion in Ohio

Profiles of Faith Communities

Edited by Tarunjit Singh Butalia and Dianne P. Small

Cover of 'Creating a Perfect World'

Creating a Perfect World

Religious and Secular Utopias in Nineteenth-Century Ohio

By Catherine M. Rokicky

Cover of 'Art As Image'

Art As Image

Prints and Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio

Edited by Alice M. Cornell

Cover of 'Mountain People in a Flat Land'

Mountain People in a Flat Land

A Popular History of Appalachian Migration to Northeast Ohio, 1940–1965

By Carl E. Feather