Cover of 'Paying Calls in Shangri-La'

Paying Calls in Shangri-La

Scenes from a Woman’s Life in American Diplomacy

By Judith M. Heimann

Cover of 'Modern Muslims'

Modern Muslims

A Sudan Memoir

By Steve Howard

Cover of 'Subversive Lives'

Subversive Lives

A Family Memoir of the Marcos Years

By Susan F. Quimpo and Nathan Gilbert Quimpo
Foreword by Vicente L. Rafael

Cover of 'Camp Life Is Paradise for Freddy'

Camp Life Is Paradise for Freddy

A Childhood in the Dutch East Indies, 1933–1946

By Fred Lanzing
Translation by Marjolijn de Jager
Introduction by William H. Frederick

Cover of 'Keeping Heart'

Keeping Heart

A Memoir of Family Struggle, Race, and Medicine

By Otis Trotter
Introduction by Joe William Trotter Jr.

Cover of 'Postcards from Stanland'

Postcards from Stanland

Journeys in Central Asia

By David H. Mould

Cover of 'Shake Terribly the Earth'

Shake Terribly the Earth

Stories from an Appalachian Family

By Sarah Beth Childers

Cover of 'Dragging Wyatt Earp'

Dragging Wyatt Earp

A Personal History of Dodge City

By Robert Rebein

Cover of 'Paper Sons and Daughters'

Paper Sons and Daughters

Growing up Chinese in South Africa

By Ufrieda Ho

Cover of 'Searching for Soul'

Searching for Soul

A Survivor’s Guide

By Bobbe Tyler
Foreword by Lucia Capacchione

Cover of 'The Last of His Mind'

The Last of His Mind

A Year in the Shadow of Alzheimer's

By John Thorndike

Cover of 'Power in the Blood'

Power in the Blood

A Family Narrative

By Linda Tate

Cover of 'Race, Revolution, and the Struggle for Human Rights in Zanzibar'

Race, Revolution, and the Struggle for Human Rights in Zanzibar

The Memoirs of Ali Sultan Issa and Seif Sharif Hamad

By G. Thomas Burgess

Cover of 'Silenced Voices'

Silenced Voices

Uncovering a Family’s Colonial History in Indonesia

By Inez Hollander

Cover of 'BitterSweet'


The Memoir of a Chinese Indonesian Family in the Twentieth Century

By Stuart Pearson

Cover of 'The Memoir and the Memoirist'

The Memoir and the Memoirist

Reading and Writing Personal Narrative

By Thomas Larson

Cover of 'Closing Arguments'

Closing Arguments

Clarence Darrow on Religion, Law, and Society

By Clarence Darrow
Edited by S. T. Joshi

Cover of 'Ohio Volunteer'

Ohio Volunteer

The Childhood and Civil War Memoirs of Captain John Calvin Hartzell, OVI

Edited by Charles I. Switzer

Cover of 'Expecting Teryk'

Expecting Teryk

An Exceptional Path to Parenthood

By Dawn Prince-Hughes

Cover of 'Red, White, Black, and Blue'

Red, White, Black, and Blue

A Dual Memoir of Race and Class in Appalachia

By William M. Drennen Jr. and Kojo (William T.) Jones Jr.
Edited by Dolores Johnson

Cover of 'View from the Fazenda'

View from the Fazenda

A Tale of the Brazilian Heartlands

By Ellen Bromfield Geld