Cover of 'When Sugar Ruled'

When Sugar Ruled

Economy and Society in Northwestern Argentina, Tucumán, 1876–1916

By Patricia Juarez–Dappe

Cover of 'Madness in Buenos Aires'

Madness in Buenos Aires

Patients, Psychiatrists and the Argentine State, 1880–1983

By Jonathan Ablard

Cover of 'Women and Slavery, Volume One'

Women and Slavery, Volume One

Africa, the Indian Ocean World, and the Medieval North Atlantic

Edited by Gwyn Campbell, Suzanne Miers, and Joseph C. Miller

Cover of 'Organic Coffee'

Organic Coffee

Sustainable Development by Mayan Farmers

By Maria Elena Martinez-Torres

Cover of 'The Unpast'

The Unpast

Elite Violence and Social Control in Brazil, 1954–2000

By R. S. Rose

Cover of 'Threatening Others'

Threatening Others

Nicaraguans and the Formation of National Identities in Costa Rica

By Carlos Sandoval-Garcia

Cover of 'Writing Women in Central America'

Writing Women in Central America

Gender and the Fictionalization of History

By Laura Barbas-Rhoden

Cover of 'Cultivating Coffee'

Cultivating Coffee

The Farmers of Carazo, Nicaragua, 1880–1930

By Julie A. Charlip

Cover of 'Taking Root'

Taking Root

Narratives of Jewish Women in Latin America

By Marjorie Agosín

Cover of 'Beyond the Barricades'

Beyond the Barricades

Nicaragua and the Struggle for the Sandinista Press, 1979–1998

By Adam Jones

Cover of 'Collisions with History'

Collisions with History

Latin American Fiction and Social Science from “El Boom” to the New World Order

By Frederick M. Nunn

Cover of 'Terror in the Countryside'

Terror in the Countryside

Campesino Responses to Political Violence in Guatemala, 1954–1985

By Rachel A. May

Cover of 'Managing the Counterrevolution'

Managing the Counterrevolution

The United States and Guatemala, 1954–1961

By Stephen M. Streeter

Cover of 'The  Bewitchment of Silver'

The Bewitchment of Silver

The Social Economy of Mining in Nineteenth-Century Peru

By José R. Deustua

Peasants in Arms

War and Peace in the Mountains of Nicaragua, 1979–1994

By Lynn Horton

Cover of 'Panamanian Militarism'

Panamanian Militarism

A Historical Interpretation

By Carlos Guevara Mann

Cover of 'The Golden Dream'

The Golden Dream

Seekers of El Dorado

By Robert Silverberg

Cover of 'The Nicaraguan Constitution of 1987'

The Nicaraguan Constitution of 1987

English Translation and Commentary

By Kenneth J. Mijeski