Cover of 'Nation on Board'

Nation on Board

Becoming Nigerian at Sea

By Lynn Schler

Cover of 'Diamonds in the Rough'

Diamonds in the Rough

Corporate Paternalism and African Professionalism on the Mines of Colonial Angola, 1917–1975

By Todd Cleveland

Cover of 'Making Modern Girls'

Making Modern Girls

A History of Girlhood, Labor, and Social Development in Colonial Lagos

By Abosede A. George

Cover of 'Marikana'


Voices from South Africa’s Mining Massacre

By Peter Alexander, Thapelo Lekgowa, Botsang Mmope, Luke Sinwell, and Bongani Xezwi

Cover of 'The Borders of Integration'

The Borders of Integration

Polish Migrants in Germany and the United States, 1870–1924

By Brian McCook

Cover of 'Chocolate on Trial'

Chocolate on Trial

Slavery, Politics, and the Ethics of Business

By Lowell J. Satre

Cover of 'A History of the Excluded'

A History of the Excluded

Making Family a Refuge from State in Twentieth-Century Tanzania

By James L. Giblin

Cover of 'From Blackjacks to Briefcases'

From Blackjacks to Briefcases

A History of Commercialized Strikebreaking and Unionbusting in the United States

By Robert Michael Smith

Cover of 'Workers, War and the Origins of Apartheid'

Workers, War and the Origins of Apartheid

Labour and Politics in South Africa, 1939-48

By Peter Alexander

Cover of 'Every Factory a Fortress'

Every Factory a Fortress

The French Labor Movement in the Age of Ford and Hitler

By Michael Torigian

Cover of 'Willing Migrants'

Willing Migrants

Soninke Labor Diasporas, 1848–1960

By François Manchuelle