Cover of 'The Black Laws'

The Black Laws

Race and the Legal Process in Early Ohio

By Stephen Middleton

Cover of 'The Center of a Great Empire'

The Center of a Great Empire

The Ohio Country in the Early Republic

Edited by Andrew R. L. Cayton and Stuart D. Hobbs

Cover of 'Establishing Congress'

Establishing Congress

The Removal to Washington, D.C., and the Election of 1800

Edited by Kenneth R. Bowling and Donald R. Kennon

Cover of 'Building on a Borrowed Past'

Building on a Borrowed Past

Place and Identity in Pipestone, Minnesota

By Sally J. Southwick

Cover of 'The Emergence of the Moundbuilders'

The Emergence of the Moundbuilders

The Archaeology of Tribal Societies in Southeastern Ohio

Edited by Elliot M. Abrams and AnnCorinne Freter

Cover of 'Testaments'


Two Novellas of Emigration and Exile

By Danuta Mostwin

Cover of 'Ohio Volunteer'

Ohio Volunteer

The Childhood and Civil War Memoirs of Captain John Calvin Hartzell, OVI

Edited by Charles I. Switzer

Cover of 'A Place of Recourse'

A Place of Recourse

A History of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, 1803–2003

By Roberta Sue Alexander

Cover of 'Frontiers of Freedom'

Frontiers of Freedom

Cincinnati’s Black Community 1802–1868

By Nikki M. Taylor

Cover of 'DeVoto’s West'

DeVoto’s West

History, Conservation, and the Public Good

By Bernard DeVoto
Edited by Edward K. Muller

Cover of 'Threatening Others'

Threatening Others

Nicaraguans and the Formation of National Identities in Costa Rica

By Carlos Sandoval-Garcia

Cover of 'A Second Voice'

A Second Voice

A Century of Osteopathic Medicine in Ohio

By Carol Poh Miller

Cover of 'Religion in Ohio'

Religion in Ohio

Profiles of Faith Communities

Edited by Tarunjit Singh Butalia and Dianne P. Small

Cover of 'Red, White, Black, and Blue'

Red, White, Black, and Blue

A Dual Memoir of Race and Class in Appalachia

By William M. Drennen Jr. and Kojo (William T.) Jones Jr.
Edited by Dolores Johnson

Cover of 'Music Hall and Modernity'

Music Hall and Modernity

The Late-Victorian Discovery of Popular Culture

By Barry J. Faulk

Cover of 'Highland Sanctuary'

Highland Sanctuary

Environmental History in Tanzania’s Usambara Mountains

By Christopher A. Conte

Cover of 'No Peace, No War'

No Peace, No War

An Anthropology of Contemporary Armed Conflicts

Edited by Paul Richards

Cover of 'Slavery and Reform in West Africa'

Slavery and Reform in West Africa

Toward Emancipation in Nineteenth-Century Senegal and the Gold Coast

By Trevor R. Getz

Cover of 'Leaf of Allah'

Leaf of Allah

Khat & Agricultural Transformation in Harerge, Ethiopia, 1875–1991

By Ezekiel Gebissa

Cover of 'Mandela’s World'

Mandela’s World

The International Dimension of South Africa’s Political Revolution

By James Barber

Cover of 'The Risks of Knowledge'

The Risks of Knowledge

Investigations into the Death of the Hon. Minister John Robert Ouko in Kenya, 1990

By David William Cohen and E. S. Atieno Odhiambo