Cover of 'Indiana’s War'

Indiana’s War

The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Richard F. Nation and Stephen E. Towne

Cover of 'Wartime in Burma'

Wartime in Burma

A Diary, January to June 1942

By Theippan Maung Wa
Edited by L. E. Bagshawe and Anna J. Allott

Cover of 'Incidental Architect'

Incidental Architect

William Thornton and the Cultural Life of Early Washington, D.C., 1794–1828

By Gordon S. Brown

Cover of 'Rome’s Most Faithful Daughter'

Rome’s Most Faithful Daughter

The Catholic Church and Independent Poland, 1914–1939

By Neal Pease

Cover of 'Recasting the Past'

Recasting the Past

History Writing and Political Work in Modern Africa

Edited by Derek R. Peterson and Giacomo Macola

Cover of 'The Land beyond the Mists'

The Land beyond the Mists

Essays on Identity and Authority in Precolonial Congo and Rwanda

By David Newbury
Foreword by Jan Vansina

Cover of 'Race, Revolution, and the Struggle for Human Rights in Zanzibar'

Race, Revolution, and the Struggle for Human Rights in Zanzibar

The Memoirs of Ali Sultan Issa and Seif Sharif Hamad

By G. Thomas Burgess

Cover of 'Democracy in Session'

Democracy in Session

A History of the Ohio General Assembly

By David M. Gold

Cover of 'Miami University, 1809–2009'

Miami University, 1809–2009

Bicentennial Perspectives

Edited by Curtis W. Ellison

Cover of 'Wanted—Correspondence'


Women’s Letters to a Union Soldier

Edited by Nancy L. Rhoades and Lucy E. Bailey

Cover of 'Missouri’s War'

Missouri’s War

The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Silvana R. Siddali

Cover of 'A Necessary Luxury'

A Necessary Luxury

Tea in Victorian England

By Julie E. Fromer

Cover of 'Come Buy, Come Buy'

Come Buy, Come Buy

Shopping and the Culture of Consumption in Victorian Women’s Writing

By Krista Lysack

Cover of 'Landmarked'


Land Claims and Land Restitution in South Africa

By Cherryl Walker

Cover of 'The Resolution of African Conflicts'

The Resolution of African Conflicts

The Management of Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Edited by Alfred Nhema and Paul Tiyambe Zeleza

Cover of 'Africa Writes Back'

Africa Writes Back

The African Writers Series and the Launch of African Literature

By James Currey

Cover of 'Silenced Voices'

Silenced Voices

Uncovering a Family’s Colonial History in Indonesia

By Inez Hollander

Cover of 'The Benefits of Famine'

The Benefits of Famine

A Political Economy of Famine and Relief in Southwestern Sudan, 1983–89

By David Keen

Cover of 'Myth of Iron'

Myth of Iron

Shaka in History

By Dan Wylie

Cover of 'Healing Traditions'

Healing Traditions

African Medicine, Cultural Exchange, and Competition in South Africa, 1820–1948

By Karen E. Flint

Cover of 'Intonations'


A Social History of Music and Nation in Luanda, Angola, from 1945 to Recent Times

By Marissa J. Moorman

Cover of 'James Madison'

James Madison

Philosopher, Founder, and Statesman

Edited by John R. Vile, William D. Pederson, and Frank J. Williams

Cover of 'Unconquerable Spirit'

Unconquerable Spirit

George Stow’s History Painting of the San

By Pippa Skotnes