History Book List

Cover of Mountains of Injustice
Cover of The Return of the Galon King

Cover of The Demographics of Empire
Cover of The Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr., Volume IV

Cover of Resistance on the National Stage
Cover of Viewing African Cinema in the Twenty-first Century

Cover of Generations Past
Cover of Trustee for the Human Community

Cover of Nature and History in Modern Italy
Cover of Domestic Violence and the Law in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa

Cover of The Law and the Prophets
Cover of The Dred Scott Case

Cover of Making a World after Empire
Cover of Land, Memory, Reconstruction, and Justice

Cover of Populist Seduction in Latin America
Cover of The Origins of Modern Polish Democracy

Cover of Do They Miss Me at Home?
Cover of The Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr., Vol III

Cover of When Sugar Ruled
Cover of Healing the Herds