Cover of 'Standing Our Ground'

Standing Our Ground

Women, Environmental Justice, and the Fight to End Mountaintop Removal

By Joyce M. Barry

Cover of 'Prosperity Far Distant'

Prosperity Far Distant

The Journal of an American Farmer, 1933–1934

By Charles M. Wiltse
Edited by Michael J. Birkner

Cover of 'Chocolate Islands'

Chocolate Islands

Cocoa, Slavery, and Colonial Africa

By Catherine Higgs

Cover of 'Justice and Legal Change on the Shores of Lake Erie'

Justice and Legal Change on the Shores of Lake Erie

A History of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio

Edited by Paul Finkelman and Roberta Sue Alexander

Cover of 'Degrees of Allegiance'

Degrees of Allegiance

Harassment and Loyalty in Missouri's German-American Community during World War I

By Petra DeWitt

Cover of 'Between the Brown and the Red'

Between the Brown and the Red

Nationalism, Catholicism, and Communism in Twentieth-Century Poland—The Politics of Bolesław Piasecki

By Mikołaj Stanisław Kunicki

Cover of 'Taifa'


Making Nation and Race in Urban Tanzania

By James R. Brennan

Cover of 'Trafficking in Slavery’s Wake'

Trafficking in Slavery’s Wake

Law and the Experience of Women and Children in Africa

Edited by Benjamin N. Lawrance and Richard L. Roberts

Cover of 'The Untried Life'

The Untried Life

The Twenty-Ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War

By James T. Fritsch

Cover of 'The Americans Are Coming!'

The Americans Are Coming!

Dreams of African American Liberation in Segregationist South Africa

By Robert Trent Vinson

Cover of 'Ohio Canal Era'

Ohio Canal Era

A Case Study of Government and the Economy, 1820–1861

By Harry N. Scheiber
Foreword by Lawrence M. Friedman

Cover of 'The Anatomy of a South African Genocide'

The Anatomy of a South African Genocide

The Extermination of the Cape San Peoples

By Mohamed Adhikari

Cover of 'Our New Husbands Are Here'

Our New Husbands Are Here

Households, Gender, and Politics in a West African State from the Slave Trade to Colonial Rule

By Emily Lynn Osborn

Cover of 'Environment at the Margins'

Environment at the Margins

Literary and Environmental Studies in Africa

Edited by Byron Caminero-Santangelo and Garth Myers

Cover of 'Mountains of Injustice'

Mountains of Injustice

Social and Environmental Justice in Appalachia

Edited by Michele Morrone and Geoffrey L. Buckley
Foreword by Donald Edward Davis
Afterword by Jedediah Purdy

Cover of 'Cultivating the Colonies'

Cultivating the Colonies

Colonial States and their Environmental Legacies

Edited by Christina Folke Ax, Niels Brimnes, Niklas Thode Jensen, and Karen Oslund

Cover of 'Mad Dogs and Meerkats'

Mad Dogs and Meerkats

A History of Resurgent Rabies in Southern Africa

By Karen Brown

Cover of 'In the Shadow of Freedom'

In the Shadow of Freedom

The Politics of Slavery in the National Capital

Edited by Paul Finkelman and Donald R. Kennon

Cover of 'The Borders of Integration'

The Borders of Integration

Polish Migrants in Germany and the United States, 1870–1924

By Brian McCook

Cover of 'Kansas’s War'

Kansas’s War

The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Pearl T. Ponce

Cover of 'Land, Memory, Reconstruction, and Justice'

Land, Memory, Reconstruction, and Justice

Perspectives on Land Claims in South Africa

By Cherryl Walker, Anna Bohlin, Ruth Hall, and Thembela Kepe