Cover of 'Being Maasai'

Being Maasai · Ethnicity and Identity In East Africa · Edited by Thomas Spear and Richard Waller

Cover of 'Weather Pioneers'

Weather Pioneers · The Signal Corps Station at Pikes Peak · By Phyllis Smith

Cover of 'Edwin L. Kennedy'

Edwin L. Kennedy · Reinvesting In Education · By David Neal Keller

Cover of 'Swahili Origins'

Swahili Origins · Swahili Culture and The Shungwaya Phenomenon · By James de Vere Allen

Cover of 'George Montague Wheeler'

George Montague Wheeler · The Man and the Myth · By Doris O. Dawdy

Cover of 'Timberline Tailings'

Timberline Tailings · Tales of Colorado’s Ghost Towns and Mining Camps · By Muriel Sibell Wolle

Cover of 'Unhappy Valley'

Unhappy Valley · Conflict in Kenya and Africa - Book One: State and Class · By Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale

Cover of 'Unhappy Valley'

Unhappy Valley · Conflict in Kenya and Africa - Book Two: Violence and Ethnicity · By Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale

Cover of 'Tales Never Told Around the Campfire'

Tales Never Told Around the Campfire · True Stories of Frontier America · By Mark Dugan

Cover of 'Faces in the Revolution'

Faces in the Revolution · The Psychological Effects of Violence on Township Youth in South Africa · By Gill Straker

Cover of 'John Robert Shaw'

John Robert Shaw · An Autobiography of Thirty Years, 1777–1807 · Edited by Oressa M. Teagarden and Jeanne L. Crabtree

Cover of 'Soldiers of Misfortune'

Soldiers of Misfortune · lvoirien Tirailleurs of World War II · By Nancy Ellen Lawler

Cover of 'Changing Uganda'

Changing Uganda · Dilemmas of Structural Adjustment · Edited by Hölger Bernt Hansen and Michael Twaddle

Cover of 'Unhappy Valley'

Unhappy Valley · Conflict in Kenya and Africa - Books One and Two · By Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale

Cover of 'An African American in South Africa'

An African American in South Africa · The Travel Notes of Ralph J. Bunche 28 September 1937–1 January 1938 · By Ralph Bunche · Edited by Robert R. Edgar

Victorian Scandals · Repressions of Gender And Class · By Kristine Ottesen Garrigan

Cover of 'Goldfield'

Goldfield · The Last Gold Rush on The Western Frontier · By Sally Zanjani

Cover of 'The Nicaraguan Constitution of 1987'

The Nicaraguan Constitution of 1987 · English Translation and Commentary · By Kenneth J. Mijeski

Cover of 'The Krobo People of Ghana to 1892'

The Krobo People of Ghana to 1892 · A Political and Social History · By Louis E. Wilson

Native Life in South Africa · Before and Since the European War and the Boer Rebellion · By Sol T. Plaatje · Introduction by Brian Willan · Foreword by Bessie Head

Cover of 'Learning from Robben Island'

Learning from Robben Island · Govan Mbeki's Prison Writings · By Govan Mbeki · Introduction by Colin Bundy · Foreword by Harry Gwala

Cover of 'Penetration and Protest in Tanzania'

Penetration and Protest in Tanzania · Impact of World Economy on the Pare, 1860–1960 · By Isaria N. Kimambo