Cover of 'Being Maasai'

Being Maasai

Ethnicity and Identity In East Africa

Edited by Thomas Spear and Richard Waller

Cover of 'Weather Pioneers'

Weather Pioneers

The Signal Corps Station at Pikes Peak

By Phyllis Smith

Cover of 'Edwin L. Kennedy'

Edwin L. Kennedy

Reinvesting In Education

By David Neal Keller

Cover of 'Swahili Origins'

Swahili Origins

Swahili Culture and The Shungwaya Phenomenon

By James de Vere Allen

Cover of 'George Montague Wheeler'

George Montague Wheeler

The Man and the Myth

By Doris O. Dawdy

Cover of 'Timberline Tailings'

Timberline Tailings

Tales of Colorado’s Ghost Towns and Mining Camps

By Muriel Sibell Wolle

Cover of 'Unhappy Valley'

Unhappy Valley

Conflict in Kenya and Africa - Book One: State and Class

By Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale

Cover of 'Unhappy Valley'

Unhappy Valley

Conflict in Kenya and Africa - Book Two: Violence and Ethnicity

By Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale

Cover of 'Tales Never Told Around the Campfire'

Tales Never Told Around the Campfire

True Stories of Frontier America

By Mark Dugan

Cover of 'Faces in the Revolution'

Faces in the Revolution

The Psychological Effects of Violence on Township Youth in South Africa

By Gill Straker

Cover of 'John Robert Shaw'

John Robert Shaw

An Autobiography of Thirty Years, 1777–1807

Edited by Oressa M. Teagarden and Jeanne L. Crabtree

Cover of 'Soldiers of Misfortune'

Soldiers of Misfortune

lvoirien Tirailleurs of World War II

By Nancy Ellen Lawler

Cover of 'Changing Uganda'

Changing Uganda

Dilemmas of Structural Adjustment

Edited by Hölger Bernt Hansen and Michael Twaddle

Cover of 'Unhappy Valley'

Unhappy Valley

Conflict in Kenya and Africa - Books One and Two

By Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale

Cover of 'An African American in South Africa'

An African American in South Africa

The Travel Notes of Ralph J. Bunche 28 September 1937–1 January 1938

By Ralph Bunche
Edited by Robert R. Edgar

Victorian Scandals

Repressions of Gender And Class

By Kristine Ottesen Garrigan

Cover of 'Goldfield'


The Last Gold Rush on The Western Frontier

By Sally Zanjani

Cover of 'The Nicaraguan Constitution of 1987'

The Nicaraguan Constitution of 1987

English Translation and Commentary

By Kenneth J. Mijeski

Cover of 'The Krobo People of Ghana to 1892'

The Krobo People of Ghana to 1892

A Political and Social History

By Louis E. Wilson

Native Life in South Africa

Before and Since the European War and the Boer Rebellion

By Sol T. Plaatje
Introduction by Brian Willan
Foreword by Bessie Head

Cover of 'Learning from Robben Island'

Learning from Robben Island

Govan Mbeki's Prison Writings

By Govan Mbeki
Introduction by Colin Bundy
Foreword by Harry Gwala

Cover of 'Penetration and Protest in Tanzania'

Penetration and Protest in Tanzania

Impact of World Economy on the Pare, 1860–1960

By Isaria N. Kimambo