Cover of 'Cinematic Hamlet'

Cinematic Hamlet · The Films of Olivier, Zeffirelli, Branagh, and Almereyda · By Patrick J. Cook

Cover of 'Screening Morocco'

Screening Morocco · Contemporary Film in a Changing Society · By Valérie K. Orlando

Cover of 'Viewing African Cinema in the Twenty-first Century'

Viewing African Cinema in the Twenty-first Century · Art Films and the Nollywood Video Revolution · Edited by Mahir Şaul and Ralph A. Austen

Cover of 'The Law of the Looking Glass'

The Law of the Looking Glass · Cinema in Poland, 1896–1939 · By Sheila Skaff

Cover of 'Black and White in Colour'

Black and White in Colour · African History on Screen · Edited by Vivian Bickford-Smith and Richard Mendelsohn

Cover of 'Shakespeare at the Cineplex'

Shakespeare at the Cineplex · The Kenneth Branagh Era · By Samuel Crowl

Cover of 'Flickering Shadows'

Flickering Shadows · Cinema and Identity in Colonial Zimbabwe · By J. M. Burns

Cover of 'Shakespeare Observed'

Shakespeare Observed · Studies in Performance on Stage and Screen · By Samuel Crowl

Cover of 'Framing Shakespeare on Film'

Framing Shakespeare on Film · How the Frame Reveals Meaning · By Kathy M. Howlett

Cover of 'Dangerous Dames'

Dangerous Dames · Women and Representation in Film Noir and the Weimar Street Film · By Jans B. Wager

Cover of 'Shakespeare in Production'

Shakespeare in Production · Whose History? · By H. R. Coursen

Cover of 'Returning to the Scene'

Returning to the Scene · Blake Edwards Volume 2 · By William Luhr and Peter Lehman

Cover of 'The Movies Grow Up'

The Movies Grow Up · 1940–1980 · By Charles Champlin · Foreword by Alfred Hitchcock

Cover of 'Antonin Artaud'

Antonin Artaud · Man of Vision · By Bettina L. Knapp · Preface by Anaïs Nin