Cover of 'In the Shade of the Shady Tree'

In the Shade of the Shady Tree · Stories of Wheatbelt Australia · By John Kinsella

Cover of 'Harmless as Doves'

Harmless as Doves · An Amish–Country Mystery · By P. L. Gaus

Cover of 'Thirsty'

Thirsty · A Novel · By Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

Cover of 'Separate from the World'

Separate from the World · An Ohio Amish Mystery · By P. L. Gaus

Cover of 'The Last of the Husbandmen'

The Last of the Husbandmen · A Novel of Farming Life · By Gene Logsdon

Cover of 'A Prayer for the Night'

A Prayer for the Night · An Ohio Amish Mystery · By P. L. Gaus

Cover of 'Holy Week'

Holy Week · A Novel of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising · By Jerzy Andrzejewski · Introduction by Oscar E. Swan · Foreword by Jan T. Gross

Cover of 'Testaments'

Testaments · Two Novellas of Emigration and Exile · By Danuta Mostwin

Cover of 'The Prisoner Pear'

The Prisoner Pear · Stories from the Lake · By Elissa Minor Rust

Cover of 'A Poet’s Prose'

A Poet’s Prose · Selected Writings of Louise Bogan · By Louise Bogan · Edited by Mary Kinzie

Cover of 'In His Own Voice'

In His Own Voice · The Dramatic and Other Uncollected Works of Paul Laurence Dunbar · Edited by Herbert Woodward Martin and Ronald Primeau

Cover of 'Below Grass Roots'

Below Grass Roots · A Novel · By Frank Waters