Cover of 'Walk Till the Dogs Get Mean'

Walk Till the Dogs Get Mean

Meditations on the Forbidden from Contemporary Appalachia

Edited by Adrian Blevins and Karen Salyer McElmurray

Cover of 'Shake Terribly the Earth'

Shake Terribly the Earth

Stories from an Appalachian Family

By Sarah Beth Childers

Cover of 'Dragging Wyatt Earp'

Dragging Wyatt Earp

A Personal History of Dodge City

By Robert Rebein

Cover of 'Power in the Blood'

Power in the Blood

A Family Narrative

By Linda Tate

Cover of 'Expecting Teryk'

Expecting Teryk

An Exceptional Path to Parenthood

By Dawn Prince-Hughes

Cover of 'Red, White, Black, and Blue'

Red, White, Black, and Blue

A Dual Memoir of Race and Class in Appalachia

By William M. Drennen Jr. and Kojo (William T.) Jones Jr.
Edited by Dolores Johnson

Cover of 'View from the Fazenda'

View from the Fazenda

A Tale of the Brazilian Heartlands

By Ellen Bromfield Geld

Cover of 'Aquamarine Blue 5'

Aquamarine Blue 5

Personal Stories of College Students with Autism

Edited by Dawn Prince-Hughes

Cover of 'Memphis Tennessee Garrison'

Memphis Tennessee Garrison

The Remarkable Story of a Black Appalachian Woman

Edited by Ancella R. Bickley and Lynda Ann Ewen

Cover of 'Nightmare'


The Underside of the Nixon Years

By J. Anthony Lukas
Foreword by Joan Hoff

Cover of 'The Heritage'

The Heritage

A Daughter's Memories of Louis Bromfield

By Ellen Bromfield Geld

Cover of 'The  Longest Voyage'

The Longest Voyage

Circumnavigators in the Age of Discovery

By Robert Silverberg

Cover of 'Sometimes I’m Happy'

Sometimes I’m Happy

A Writer’s Memoir

By Marshall Sprague

Cover of 'Tales Never Told Around the Campfire'

Tales Never Told Around the Campfire

True Stories of Frontier America

By Mark Dugan