Cover of 'The Krio of West Africa'

The Krio of West Africa

Islam, Culture, Creolization, and Colonialism in the Nineteenth Century

By Gibril R. Cole

Cover of 'The Americans Are Coming!'

The Americans Are Coming!

Dreams of African American Liberation in Segregationist South Africa

By Robert Trent Vinson

Cover of 'Constructive Engagement?'

Constructive Engagement?

Chester Crocker & American Policy in South Africa, Namibia & Angola, 1981–1988

By J. E. Davies

Cover of 'Paris on the Potomac'

Paris on the Potomac

The French Influence on the Architecture and Art of Washington, D.C.

Edited by Cynthia R. Field, Isabelle Gournay, and Thomas P. Somma

Cover of 'Colonial Rosary'

Colonial Rosary

The Spanish and Indian Missions of California

By Alison Lake

Cover of 'Quivira'


Europeans in the region of the Santa Fe Trail, 1540–1820

By William Brandon

Cover of 'Formerly British Honduras'

Formerly British Honduras

A Profile of the New Nation of Belize

By William David Setzerkorn