Reflections · The American Collection at the Columbus Museum of Art · Edited by Nannette V. Maciejunes and M. Melissa Wolfe

Reflections: The American Collection of the Columbus Museum of Art adds a novel and provocative element to the library of art museum collection catalogs. In the traditional manner, Reflections features selected works—more than one hundred twenty-five—from the museum’s collection, accompanied by concise essays by scholars of art who reflect on respond to the distinctive aspects of each work.

Outside the Ordinary · Contemporary Art in Glass, Wood, and Ceramics from the Wolf Collection · Edited by Amy Miller Dehan

Outside the Ordinary introduces audiences to sixty–seven masterworks selected from the Nancy and David Wolf Collection, carefully documented and photographed in full color.

Cover of 'Outside the Ordinary'

Bessie Potter Vonnoh · Sculptor of Women · By Julie Aronson

In the Gilded Age, when most sculptors aspired to produce monu­ments, Bessie Potter Vonnoh (1872–1955) made significant contributions to small bronze sculpture and garden statuary designed for the embellishment of the home. Her work commanded admiration for her fluid and suggestive modeling, graceful lines, and sculptural form. In 1904 Bessie Potter Vonnoh won the gold medal for sculpture at the St.

Cover of 'Bessie Potter Vonnoh'