Cover of 'Merleau-Ponty'


Space, Place, Architecture

Edited by Patricia M. Locke and Rachel McCann

Cover of 'A Historical Guidebook to Old Columbus'

A Historical Guidebook to Old Columbus

Finding the Past in the Present in Ohio’s Capital City

By Bob Hunter
Photography by Lucy S. Wolfe

Cover of 'Asylum on the Hill'

Asylum on the Hill

History of a Healing Landscape

By Katherine Ziff
Foreword by Samuel T. Gladding

Cover of 'Mariemont'


A Pictorial History of a Model Town

By Millard F. Rogers Jr.

Cover of 'Incidental Architect'

Incidental Architect

William Thornton and the Cultural Life of Early Washington, D.C., 1794–1828

By Gordon S. Brown

Cover of 'Paris on the Potomac'

Paris on the Potomac

The French Influence on the Architecture and Art of Washington, D.C.

Edited by Cynthia R. Field, Isabelle Gournay, and Thomas P. Somma

Cover of 'Architecture in Cincinnati'

Architecture in Cincinnati

An Illustrated History of Designing and Building an American City

By Sue Ann Painter
Photography by Alice Weston

Cover of 'American Pantheon'

American Pantheon

Sculptural and Artistic Decoration of the United States Capitol

Edited by Donald R. Kennon and Thomas P. Somma

Cover of 'The Virgin and the Dynamo'

The Virgin and the Dynamo

Public Murals in American Architecture, 1893–1917

By Bailey Van Hook

Cover of 'Art and Empire'

Art and Empire

The Politics of Ethnicity in the United States Capitol, 1815–1860

By Vivien Green Fryd

Cover of 'The  United States Capitol'

The United States Capitol

Designing and Decorating a National Icon

Edited by Donald R. Kennon

Cover of 'The Centennial Atlas of Athens County, Ohio'

The Centennial Atlas of Athens County, Ohio

Illustrations, History, Statistics

Edited by Fred W. Bush