Cover of 'In Essentials, Unity'

In Essentials, Unity

An Economic History of the Grange Movement

By Jenny Bourne
Preface by Paul Finkelman

Cover of 'Alexander Robey Shepherd'

Alexander Robey Shepherd

The Man Who Built the Nation’s Capital

By John P. Richardson
Foreword by Tony Williams

Cover of 'Driven toward Madness'

Driven toward Madness

The Fugitive Slave Margaret Garner and Tragedy on the Ohio

By Nikki M. Taylor

Cover of 'The Jacksonian Conservatism of Rufus P. Ranney'

The Jacksonian Conservatism of Rufus P. Ranney

The Politics and Jurisprudence of a Northern Democrat from the Age of Jackson to the Gilded Age

By David M. Gold

Cover of 'The Life and Death of Gus Reed'

The Life and Death of Gus Reed

A Story of Race and Justice in Illinois during the Civil War and Reconstruction

By Thomas Bahde

Cover of 'A Stitch in Time'

A Stitch in Time

The Needlework of Aging Women in Antebellum America

By Aimee E. Newell

Cover of 'Kansas’s War'

Kansas’s War

The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Pearl T. Ponce

Cover of 'Amy Levy'

Amy Levy

Critical Essays

Edited by Naomi Hetherington and Nadia Valman

Cover of 'When Sugar Ruled'

When Sugar Ruled

Economy and Society in Northwestern Argentina, Tucumán, 1876–1916

By Patricia Juarez–Dappe

Cover of 'Do They Miss Me at Home?'

Do They Miss Me at Home?

The Civil War Letters of William McKnight, Seventh Ohio Volunteer Cavalry

Edited by Donald C. Maness and H. Jason Combs

Cover of 'Missouri’s War'

Missouri’s War

The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Silvana R. Siddali

Cover of 'Wanted—Correspondence'


Women’s Letters to a Union Soldier

Edited by Nancy L. Rhoades and Lucy E. Bailey

Cover of 'Indiana’s War'

Indiana’s War

The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Richard F. Nation and Stephen E. Towne

Cover of 'Wielding the Ax'

Wielding the Ax

State Forestry and Social Conflict in Tanzania, 1820–2000

By Thaddeus Sunseri

Cover of 'Healing Traditions'

Healing Traditions

African Medicine, Cultural Exchange, and Competition in South Africa, 1820–1948

By Karen E. Flint

Cover of 'Heretical Hellenism'

Heretical Hellenism

Women Writers, Ancient Greece, and the Victorian Popular Imagination

By Shanyn Fiske

Cover of 'In the Balance of Power'

In the Balance of Power

Independent Black Politics and Third-Party Movements in the United States

By Omar H. Ali
Foreword by Eric Foner

Cover of 'The Demon and the Damozel'

The Demon and the Damozel

Dynamics of Desire in the Works of Christina Rossetti and Dante Gabriel Rossetti

By Suzanne Waldman

Cover of 'Unconquerable Spirit'

Unconquerable Spirit

George Stow’s History Painting of the San

By Pippa Skotnes

Cover of 'Come Buy, Come Buy'

Come Buy, Come Buy

Shopping and the Culture of Consumption in Victorian Women’s Writing

By Krista Lysack