Derived from the particular programs and courses that serve interns, residents, students and practitioners, The White Coat Pocket Guide Series is an extension of the training and resources provided by the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Centers for Osteopathic Regional Education. Each book is designed for easy access and use by both students and practitioners alike.


Series Editor: Dr. John A. Brose

The Radiology Handbook · A Pocket Guide to Medical Imaging

By J. S. Benseler

Designed for busy medical students, The Radiology Handbook is a quick and easy reference for any practitioner who needs information on ordering or interpreting images. The book is divided into three parts: - Part I presents a table, organized from head to toe, with recommended imaging tests for common clinical conditions.

Practical guide for primary care physicians, students, nurses, physician’s assistants, and anyone else who interprets electrocardiograms as part of his or her practice.