The Civil War in the Great Interior is a series of short documentary histories on the Civil War in the midwestern states. Each volume presents fresh primary sources that will aid professors and students, as well as the informed general reader, in exploring the social, political, and military impact of the Civil War.

In 2011, the sesquicentennial of the Civil War renewed interest in this complicated, defining period of American history. The Civil War in the Great Interior series—now with four established titles—has been called "remarkable" by the Missouri Historical Review. Individual books in the series have been lauded for the "chorus of diverse voices" (Ohio Valley History) they include and praised widely for the usefulness they offer students at any level.


Martin J. Hershock
Christine Dee

Ohio’s War · The Civil War in Documents

Edited by Christine Dee

In 1860, Ohio was among the most influential states in the nation. As the third-most-populous state and the largest in the middle west, it embraced those elements that were in concert-but also at odds-in American society during the Civil War era. Ohio's War uses documents from that vibrant and tumultuous time to reveal how Ohio's soldiers and civilians experienced the Civil War.